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Updated current weight: 114.5 lbs

( height 5’6” )


ugh i’m slowly decreasing in weight but it is taking forever. My birthday is in a week so I hope to be 2 lbs less by then. Hopefully 2.5 lbs so that i’m 112. 

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Black & white blog, I follow back similar. xx



I went on a 80 minute bike ride today since I didn’t feel like running. ugh my legs are sore but i needed to burn calories. Also, my current weight might be a pound less than on my stats but i’m going to keep it at 120 until i’m certain it stays below again. ugh. i had a horrible 2 weeks or so of eating too much so now I’m getting back on track to get to my goal weight as soon as possible. i’m drinking as much water as i can to flush out my system. Well, i’m going to bed so that’s it for tonight. :)


Height: 5’6”

HW: 130 lbs

GW: 105 lbs

CW:120 lbs